I started making images over 25 years ago. Waking up at dawn, I’d rush out into the cold Norfolk air with my Canon AE-1 and a bag full of T-Max 400 film, full of excitement and energy.

In those early days I was more interested in the technicalities of capturing a good image and developing it in the darkroom. Now, having studied fine art, and having been fortunate enough to be mentored by John Benton-Harris, I’m captivated by the current renaissance in fine art street photography and visual sociology.

I use the camera as a tool for asking questions. I believe that by doing so I can continually help to define my environment.

All these projects have a different starting point, tone and flavour. Some focus on the English cultural eccentricities of days past – with a twinge of irony. Some seek out the calm and order that can still be found amid the chaos of our modern environment.

Other images reference art and some of the ideologies that may have been at work alongside.

And some just are...